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Welcome to The Healing Shift Enquiry

If you ask audiences in the developed world if they think that the human side of care is under strain in today’s health care systems - almost every hand goes up. Ask them if todays health care models are adequate to tackle our epidemics of long term conditions - and no hands go up.  We are looking for a shift in health and health  care - independent of scale, across the layers from our own wellbeing to that of the people we care for, our systems and our cultures: we are looking for change.  Life is characterised by an integrative and creative growth process - healing - moving from fragmentation towards coherence.  What  happen if you place this capacity for a healing response in the centre of our search for better health? How would that change our meetings, our questions, our ways of organising? This contrasts and complements the dominant question that shaped today’s world -  “How can we externally intervene to get change?”

So you may find something of value here for your reflection and learning in related fields such as enhancing recovery and wellness, therapeutic encounter and relationship, or self-care. This site concentrates on the “inside out” change process rooted in individual change - and complements its sister enquiry “the outside-in” project of the Cultural Influences on Wellbeing and AfterNOW


The Healing Shift Enquiry - creating a shift in health care

                      “How can we enhance healing change?”

This web site is produced by David Reilly - a doctor, educator and researcher working in the fields of human healing and creative change.


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