I sat down to write this and wondered what  might be helpful for you to know? How would you summarise the richness of  your life’s experience?  Words, qualifications, roles, examples of so-called achievements, publications – blah blah blah – okay I’ve listed some with links on the more formal bio page, but really they are just sand stirred up by the dance of living.  In the eye of this storm would be connection -  with stillness, with being alive, with self, with others, and with emergent change, which in some contexts we call healing.  I experience life flowing well in my work as a doctor, sitting with people as part of their emergence from suffering, I feel the better for it; and as a teacher, learning with others afresh keeps my sense of wonder alive; and as a researcher I have enjoyed trying to get closer to the truth.

If there are threads running through the phases of my work may be they are about learning to better enhance the quality of peoples experience of  life. In recent years this has settled on a study of human healing and enhancing wellbeing.

I wanted to contribute to changing medicine, so I  started by trying to become the change I wanted to see as Ghandi said.  Trying to become a better doctor and teacher, meant blending the clashing parts of myself... the technical and the human, the science and the art,  the head and the heart, care for self and care for others.  As a medical student I felt damaged by the dehumanised culture, and saw my patients lose out.  I realise a lot of this is just what happens inside cultures -  Zen says fish do not know water well  - because it is all they experience, and as humans  sometimes we don't even know we are in a fish bowl.  I see the same struggle in our time in other worlds I have had contact with like architecture, education, social work, and business, as we struggle within factory-like organisations designed for an earlier stage of our culture.  I want to become more aware of these predicaments and so less thoughtlessly engaged, and while I know that tribes and fish bowls and cultures will always be part of us, still, I would like to learn how to live within this with a bit more presence, understanding, flexibility, kindness and peace.