The Fifth Wave:  SURFACING 2003.  Compiled by Andrew Lyon. Scottish Council Foundation 2003.

    “This report outlines three major shifts in thinking and themes of history since the 18th century Enlightenment and associates four major trends in public health interventions with these, before suggesting that we stand at the point in history where an era shift, of the type which comes along every few hundred years, is occurring. How can we discern the next wave of public health improvement in this theme of history? If we are standing truly on the brink of a new era, what public health action is needed?  In examining this shift from organisational/ bureaucratic to individual/creative paradigms, the report looks at some ideas developed in Glasgow .. with sincere to David Reilly for sharing his learning, experience and insights into human healing which formed the basis for the creative thought underlying this document. ”

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The Fifth Wave:  IN THE DEBATE 2014.   Further debated  -  and characterised as a  ‘ Culture of Health’

Davies SC, Winpenny E, Ball S, Fowler T, Rubin J, Nolte E. For debate: a new wave in public health improvement. The Lancet.384(9957):1889-95

The Fifth Wave:  SEEDING: 1973 - The work reflected on this site stemmed from a recognition I had as a medical student that our current approaches were inadequate to engage with human inner life and capacity, and equally inadequate to meet the challenges of the now evident long term conditions epidemics.  The fresh ideas that emerged  from my enquiry helped seed the ideas of a “Fifth Wave” of Public Health - one that builds a culture  of health, founded on human capacity.

The Fifth Wave:  GROWING 2003-2011  Extensive field studies and modelling - incorporating ‘Learning Journeys’ through the country as part of The Cultural Influences on Wellbeing project ( ) and new developmental care models ( ).

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The Fifth Wave