The Healing Shift Enquiry - creating a shift in health care

                      “How can we enhance healing change?”

A 30 plus years enquiry led by Dr David Reilly - exploring:

What is the human healing response?

How might it be enhanced?

What would self-care and health care look like if it was based on this inner inherent strength?

Proven practical models have been developed and evaluated - such as the TheWEL


Watch a video  sketching core ideas underpinning The Healing Shift and its practical modelling in TheWEL

Download a Summary:

TheWEL & The Healing Shift Enquiry

- background, core concepts, developments and evaluation results.

 June 2014 Summary ReportHome_files/TheWEL%20Summary%2030%20June%202014%20%285%29%20.pdf
 2012/13 Annual ReportHome_files/2012%20Annual%20Report%20-%20The%20Healing%20Shift%20Enquiry%2024th%20Feb%202013.pdf
TEDx Talk
Human Healing Unlocked